InovoTech Ltd is a incorporated on 07/11/2022. It is classified as and is
registered at Registrar of Companies in Rwanda (RDB).
Located: Rwanda-Kigali-Kicukiro-Gahanga

A Private Cycling Company
The InovoTech Ltd is a Private company, has setup an interest group of
Cyclists named InovoTech Team. The InovoTech Team promotes all aspects
of cycling: health, recreation, transportation, competition and fellowship and all
are welcome and encouraged to join.
We do understand that starting a cycling club business requires a great deal
of effort, dedication, and most importantly passion. InovoTech Team will be
Rwandan largest cycling club, built without borders, free and open to
everyone. We are the first truly Private Club, decentralized cycling club built to
unite and serve cyclists from everywhere in Rwanda.

Most of our income will come from Company founder, partners, and other
companies’ promotion on our Uniforms, Sports Kits Shop, and other projects
where we gather new knowledge on how to strengthen the InovoTech cycling
Team culture. But luckily as for now, we have a Founder who love spots and
support our work with full contribution.
As a cycling club business, we know typically InovoTech will pay employment
taxes. It’s important and we are understood what we will be paying in taxes
each year so we are determine the work we’re taking on is worth it.
With 10% of earnings going back to cycling advocacy and charities,
InovoTech Team will leverage to use WEB3 Technologies and ethos to
create a movement, empowering riders everywhere to connect and create
new opportunities, friendships, and more.
Join us in our Discord to become part of InovoTech Team and start enjoying
the benefits of membership, for free